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Herbal Remedies is 'the original' marijuana permit service and patient certifier in Western Arizona. We know the laws, we know the process, and we make sure you are certified properly.


Why get your patient card through Herbal Remedies?

• We are the only certifier sponsored by "Farm Fresh Dispensary".

• New and renew patient permits.

• FREE ongoing Doctor counseling and support with a simple phone call.

• One quick visit to get your card.

• Call for schedules, locations, and possible discounts.

• Without this patient card, you can be arrested and prosecuted for possession or buying or selling marijuana in Arizona. Call us to make you legal!

What is a medicinal marijuana patient card?

This card makes you legal in Arizona to use, possess, share with other patients, and to purchase Legal Marijuana from Legal Sources without discrimination by Landlords, Employers and Law Enforcement. For the full law, Google search "Arizona Proposition 203". Without the card, mere possession can be felony.


Ready to be legal and renew or get a new medicinal marijuana patient card?

Getting your new medicinal marijuana patient card or renewing an expired one is easy. Call us anytime at 928-846-9191 or complete the form below and we will begin processing your application immediately.

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